~From Tory, taken from the Playdom Forums~

When there is a true bug in the game, or you accidentally purchased/sold something, you can contact Playdom’s Customer Support to send a ticket about your concern. We must point out, that in our experience, the reply from customer service will either not address your concern, be written in such bad English you can’t tell if it’s answering your concern, or be so vague you’re not sure what they’re saying…..but, it’s worth a try.

Here’s the information:
(full screen shots available at the playdom forums here:

Step 1: go to

Step 2: Log in, top right of page

Step 3: Once logged in, at the top of the page, click the SUPPORT tab from the top menu

Step 4: Once in the support section, click the SUBMIT REQUEST tab, bottom right of screen

Step 5: Fill out the ticket
Be as detailed as possible when filling out the Description Box.
Be sure to specify you play Gardens of Time-Mobile
Click the find ID box and it will pre-fill the box with your ID information.

Step 6: Submit the ticket and WAIT

Support tickets are designated several “Support Statuses” based on the response (if any) given by Playdom Support:
*Solved-the solved status on your ticket merely indicates that the ticket has been responded to; it does not mean that they think the issue you have reported has been resolved;
*Waiting-the support ticket has been replied to, but it is waiting for a response from the player who sent the support ticket;
-Unsolved-the support ticket has been sent and put in a waiting list. Support tickets are usually replied to from within 48-72 hours of support receiving them (so they say…..)