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From Kath1, on the forums, March 11/2013:

I just received the sad news that my best friend, former Mod and Founding Fool, Patakas passed away on Sunday morning, March 10, 2013.  He had been ill since mid-November.
There's a hole in my heart as I write this, the two of us were very close and many times we could be found in the chatroom together, just having fun and laughing about something silly or trying to solve a problem together.  I had such great respect for him for the strength and dignity he showed, especially in his last weeks.  We had talked almost daily since June and I loved him very much.
He will be greatly missed by his friends here and although this is a time of sadness, it is also a time of rejoicing.  He knew where he was going after his life here had ended and had incredible peace in that knowledge.
For those who knew him, please feel free to share a memory of him.  
For those who didn't, here's a blast from the past to show you how he loved to laugh.

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Thank you Kath1, and ty animaatje for the lovely graphic.