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Logging into Facebook backs up your game. In the event your device fails, or you just want to buy another one and transfer your game there is no other method available to do this. Game Center does NOT backup your game. See this link , for the positive side of logging into Facebook via GoT.

On the negative side (TY Amyemaxey):

Privacy remains an issue. Those that logged into Facebook, just once to get the free gold, and logged out are still seen in GoT-mobile with their real FB avatar and name by other users of FB in GoT. Players have tried various way to un-synch the two:
1. In GoT, log out of the facebook section
2. Shut GoT down (ie. exit GoT, force close the app, by double hitting your home button, when all your "open" apps are displayed, touch the GoT icon until it jiggles, and then tap the red "-" to close it.
3. Open Facebook view account settings
4. Select "apps" off to the left side, which will display a list of apps that you allow to interact with Facebook.
5. Block GoT-Mobile so the app does NOT have your permission to synch with Facebook.
6. Re-open GoT appears to have worked, you will see yourself shown via your GoT name & avatar.

....And yet any other user of Facebook that plays Gardens of Time Mobile WILL STILL SEE YOUR REAL PHOTO AND NAME.

The Ugly:

Some, in pure frustration over their breach of privacy, have deleted their Facebook account entirely. Regarding this, Ladylove provides some helpful information:

Just as a heads-up, if you deactivate your Facebook account (in other words delete your actual Facebook page), it takes two weeks for it to become official. If you log in again within that two week window (or use any apps that rely on FB - which automatically logs you in again) it will revive your account. That may be the reason why some folks have deactivated FB but still see it displayed in GoT. Either they're accidentally logging back in with other apps/websites and are keeping the account alive, or they just haven't waited for the two week grace period for the account to be gone permanently. Here is a link for more information about it:

{{#NewWindowLink: | How to delete your Facebook account}}

Please read this link below, regarding Facebook Privacy and GoT, on the Playdom Forums, including moderator comments:!!!!-Admins-please-read-ASAP!