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10 temporal energy points are used to play one hidden object garden scene; with a base energy of 30 that’s three plays and you are out of energy (Do NOT purchase energy with gold, it’s a waste). There was a lot of controversy surrounding the reduction of our base energy from 60 to 30. The only explanation offered by Playdom was that it was to enhance game play….

There are three ways energy is replenished in Gardens of TIme:

  1. Time: one unit of temporal energy is refilled every 5 minutes. In 2 ½ hours, your energy can be restored from 0 to 30 units. This 30 base energy will refill only after being used. (You can play 3 scenes every 2 ½ hours, all day. Players have admitted to setting timers!)
  2. Energy gifts**: a maximum of 10 gifted energy canisters can be used every day. Each canister is worth 5 energy units (total of 50 energy units, or 5 scene plays). Your Inventory can store 99 canisters of energy gifts. **Energy variations noted by some players: not able to receive gifts of energy canisters; only able to use 3 or 5 gift canisters a day; energy canisters worth only 3 units of energy instead of 5.
  3. Gotenergyvisit
    Visiting neighbours : The first 20 neighbors (also known to vary) you visit in 24 hours will yield 1 energy unit each (20 energy units = 2 scene plays).

Using 30 temporal energy units (3 plays), 10 gifted energy canisters (5 plays), and visiting 20 friends (2 plays) will provide a minimum of 10 scene plays in a 24 hour period.

Tip: some users like to "hoarde" their energy; meaning, while waiting for another chapter to be released, they do not play any hidden object scenes at all, and make sure they visit 20 neighbours each day. The 20 energy gained from visiting neighbours adds to your base energy. You want to make sure you are not close to a level up while doing this do as visiting neighbours also grants a small amount of xp, should you level up in the middle of hoarding your energy it could reset you back to the base 30. This is a one time only energy expenditure. If you've managed to save 200, and you then play the latest chapter release and deplete all your energy, your base goes back to 30.