Torynn (talk) 07:56, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

In Gardens of Time-Mobile you are encouraged to log into Facebook (they even offer you 2 free gold for doing so). There are pros and cons to this you need to be aware of, here is the good news about backing up your game via Facebook:

  • Playdom admitted earlier in 2012 that logging in through game center does NOT backup your game;
  • Unless you login to Facebook via GoT to save your game, there is no guaranteed way to transfer your game to another device in the event of device failure, theft, or upgrade.
  • Logging into Facebook provides a "back up" for your game that you otherwise don't have. Should you accidentally delete your app, or get a new device, the only guaranteed way to activate your existing garden is to have it backed up via Facebook. Sbear explains what to do if you delete by mistake:
    • I reinstalled GoT-mobile and it started on the first scene in Chapter 1 prompting me to name my garden, if you name the garden it starts a tutorial. Instead of naming the garden all you have to do is log into Facebook through the GoT app, if your game is connected to Facebook a pop-up screen saying something like " a game has been detected associated with this account do you want to continue this game" and it gives you the option to continue or not. Chose to continue your existing game.
  • Many of us, however, have been able to restore our game via iTunes. I recently got a replacement iPad due to device failure. I had logged into FB previously. My old iPad was backed up on iTunes. I brought the replacement iPad home, plugged it into iTunes and chose "restore". iTunes restored all my original apps to my replacement iPad including Gardens of Time; it transferred perfectly. But as this is not always the case for everyone we highly recommend logging into FB via GoT (just once is all that is needed) to ensure your game is backed up safely in the event an iTunes restore doesn't work.

Please see this link regarding the negative aspects about logging into Facebook.