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Characters alistair

Alistair Wells

Alistair Wells is your partner and mentor as you learn the ins and outs of the Time Society. His public actions for the Society are characterized by openness and an uncanny work ethic. However, he tends to keep to himself as it relates to personal affairs.

Alistair carries a dignified air about him, but is not above the occasional joke or friendly tease.

Characters eleanor

Eleanor Lansing Purlieu

Eleanor Lansing Purlieu is a long-standing member of the Time Society. She has grown comfortably into her role as the matriarch of the organization, and often acts accordingly.

A social butterfly in the truest sense of the word, Eleanor has been known to socialize with charismatic and intriguing characters from throughout time.

Characters richard

Richard Wakefield

Richard Wakefield is a shrewd character whose superb skill at righting time, and tendency to be local to every major occurrence in the Society has earned him the distrust of many of his fellow colleagues.

Alistair in particular often opposes Richard's involvement in the Society, and disapproves of his frequent rule-bending.

Characters lulu

Lulu Milton

Lulu Milton is the fashion plate of the Time Society, and its biggest free spirit. Never one for modesty, Lulu adorns herself in extravagant clothing from various eras of time.

In addition to providing her with an ever-expanding wardrobe, this also makes it hard to identify Lulu's time period of origin - a secret she keeps close to her heart.
Her carefree approach to time travel and life in general has caused some strife between her and other society members, but her bubbly mirth and good nature keeps anyone from being upset with her for very long.

Characters quincy

Quincy Bolthouse

Quincy Bolthouse is, for lack of a better term, a Victorian Computer Geek. His brilliant mind and befuddling techno-babble vocabulary have earned him the role of Chief Technologist.

However, were it not for his awkward boyish charm, it is unlikely that he would have risen so quickly through the ranks. No one knows, or for that matter, questions how Quincy amassed such a wealth of time travel knowledge at such a young age. Rather, he is only called upon when a time device falls into disrepair, allowing him to spend his free moments toiling away at new time device schematics.

Characters megan

Megan Kher

Megan Kher is another recent inductee into the Society, coming from a background of privilege that she'd rather not discuss. As a relatively fresh face, not much is known about her beyond her fondness for epicurean delights, and surprisingly short fuse.

Her specialties are Chinese and Roman culture, though she is eager for all forms of knowledge, and is a very quick learner.