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When the game update arrived to upgrade buildings and wonders we were all excited. Finally a way to increase your reputation without having to dump in high rep items to open new scenes. The game mechanism worked by ‘gifting’ materials to your friends; but two weeks later, with absolutely no warning from playdom, this system was replaced with one in which we were required to Ask our neighbours for materials. But, we didn’t seem to receive any materials back, nor were our buildings getting upgraded and we were all becoming pretty frustrated. Support tickets remained unanswered.

On the Playdom Forums, the active players united and began to test the game mechanics of material requesting and discovered several things:

*Sending a material request to an inactive player was useless, as the request has to be “accepted” at the other end;

*There was a 24 hour limit on sending in requests;

*There was a daily maximum of material requests you could make (40);

*The game provides no friend functionality in terms of removing inactive players.

So, we developed a strategy under the guidance of Redferry where active players would indicate to others we were active by placing a symbol at the beginning of our garden name. This symbol would immediately identify you as an active player when your neighbours were trying to send out requests, and all active players would be easily identifiable to you so you would know who to send your request to. The symbols change monthly/weekly in order to weed out the inactive players.

Going forward, we recommend to newcomers that they ONLY request materials from those players they know are active, ie. those that are gifting/requesting mat's from them in the first place. Don't blindly send a mat request out to all 500 ppl on your list because A. it will only go to the first 40 ppl on your list and B. of those 40 how many are active? 4 or 5?

This strategy works, and provides the best possible way to ensure your upgrade requests are only going to active people that you know will accept it.

We became known as the "Active Fools" because only foolish people would continue to still play a game so riddled with bugs and poor customer support! It is our fun way of mocking ourselves; join us today and become an Active Fool too:


{{#NewWindowLink: | Weekly Symbol}}

{{#NewWindowLink: | Monthly Symbol}}

NOTE ON GARDEN NAMES: Please don’t name your garden iPhone, iPad, garden etc…..we have dozens by that name, and it makes it very difficult to distinguish between them. While changing your garden name to include the monthly symbol, take a moment to ensure it’s unique, then we’ll be able to remember who you are on the forums and off…..can anyone say Squeedlejinks?

Now check out the Upgrading FAQ

Please start there, as many questions are answered.